Brisket Style Tri Tip

1 Prime Beef Tri Tip
White Bulls BBQ Thee Rub
Cherry Wood/Pellets

Directions Prep:
Trim Your Tri-Tip And remove excess
Fat And Membrane. Season Liberally With
White Bulls BBQ Thee rub For Beef.
Allow The Rub To Dry Brine [set] In The fridge
1-12 hours Before Putting on Smoker
To Let the Flavors Penetrate!

Cook Method Directions:
Place On Your Smoker indirect at 225F
To Start. After One Hour At 225F
Kick It Up To 250F. At 165F Internal
Temperature, Wrap Your Tri Tip In Foil.
Let It Continue to Cook at 250F on Your Smoker
While in Foil. Once your TriTip reaches 200F
Internal Temperature, Pull And Rest In Cooler
For One Hour. [Important!] Let It Rest At Least One
Hour, Pull It Out and Slice Against The Grains
Just Like A Brisket! Enjoy.