Smoked Pastrami Brisket [Low N’ Slow]


1 USDA Choice/Prime Brisket Packer [10-13 Lb]

Wet Brine: Water, Kosher Salt, Prague Salt, 1 Onion, 8 Garlic Cloves [Amount Breakdowns In Prep]

Pastrami Rub: White Bulls BBQ Thee Rub, Peppercorn, Coriander Seed, Mustard Seed, Brown Sugar, Ginger [Amount Breakdown in Prep]


Cherrywood/Cherry Pellets


Trim Your Brisket packer to Desired Shape/Size, We Recommend Trimming Until Thin layers Of Membrane are no longer Present. Bulky Fats Must Go. Definitely Try to leave a Little Fat Cap, About a 1/4 Inch Thick. Season Liberally With This Special Rub 6 -24 Hours Before Cooking.

Rub Breakdown:

1/4 Cup White Bulls BBQ Thee Rub

1/2 Cup Butcher style Cut Peppercorn

1/2 Cup Coriander Seed

2 TBSP Mustard Seed

1 TBSP Brown Sugar

1 TSP Ginger

That Will lock in the Flavors! We Strongly suggest Seasoning 12 or more Hours Before Cooking, And Wrapping it in Foil and Placing in the Fridge Overnight for the Perfect Dry Brine to Lock in the Flavors.

Cooking Method:

Start Your Brisket at 210F The First 5 Hours. Spritz Every Hour with Water. Next At the 5 Hour Mark, Crank Your Smoker to 250F For The Remainder of The Cook. Wrap At 185F In Foil Until Probing Around roughly 205F Internal temp.

The Rest/Slicing:

Tent Your Pastrami 10 Minutes (Open Foil) to release The Steam And Start The Rest.

Rest Your Pastrami Brisket at Least 2 Hours, Slice Against the grains And ENJOY!

Shop Our Thee Rub And Follow Along Step By Step With Chris On The Youtube Recipe Video Below: