3-1-1 Ribs


1 Rack Of St Louis Ribs, Or Babyback Ribs

White Bulls BBQ Rack City For Ribs


Cherrywood/Cherry Pellets


Trim Any excess Membrane, Fat Or Undesired Meat Off Your Rack, Square it Up Nicely. Flip it Over, And Start Trying to Separate The Membrane From The Back Of the Rack, DO NOT LEAVE IT ON. We suggest You Use A Paper Towel For Best Grip. Peeling From One side to the other is also Most effective We Have Found. Once Membrane is Removed, Season Liberally With White Bulls BBQ Rack City On Both Sides. Wrap in Foil and allow The Rack(s) to Dry Brine in The Fridge 4-24 Hours Prior to Putting it On The Smoker, to Lock in the Flavors!

Cooking Method:

Place Your Rack On The Smoker at 250F. Spritz once An Hour With Water only. At the 3 hour Mark, Pull The rack off, and Place Meat side down In Foil, With 3 Pads Of Butter and Maple Syrup. Wrap Very Tightly and Place Back on the smoker at 250F For an Hour Wrapped. After and Hour, Pull your rack Off, and Out Of The Foil. The Last hour At 250F You can Let it Roll Dry, Or Sauce For a nice Sticky, Thin Layer of Glaze On Top. At 5 Hour Mark, Pull Off and Rest 15 Mins Before slicing Ribs! ENJOY!