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Chris Apple founded WhiteBullsBBQ in Philidelphia in 2019, after flipping enough Jordans to quit his warehouse job. He wanted to turn his love of BBQ into a brand he could build a legacy with. Starting as a restaurant, Chris focused on selling top quality BBQ food made with his own seasonings. After six months, the pandemic hit and Chris pushed WhiteBullsBBQ into the seasoning and rub market. As of 2021, WhiteBullsBBQ is proudly based in Auburn, CA and selling BBQ at various locations. 

Unlike most seasonings, we set out to produce the best rubs we can for our consumers. Using rice hulls as a natural preservative, 100% non-gmo ingredients, and gluten and MSG free, our rubs have been specifically crafted to meet your BBQ needs and beyond for many years to come. Feed your family the best- feed them WhiteBullsBBQ.

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Rey morales

Southern California Regional rep
[email protected]

My Name Is Rey Morales. I grew up in the kitchen cooking side by side with my mom. My family had a Catering business that I worked for many years, Until my family got bad news my mom Was sick and had to take a step back from the business. My life of BBQ started when I received my first Traeger for Father's Day. When I started to grill it was for family and friends and then it ventured off to catering again. I learned a lot from everyone I meet and its made me who I am today.

Chris costanza

Northern California REgional rep
[email protected]

My name is Chris Costanza! A typical day for me usually consists of spending time with my wife Erica and my Son Grayson! On the weekends I enjoy my sons little league games, hanging with friends and family and of course.... Barbecuing in the bbq hut!  Nothing makes me happier than my food putting smiles on countless faces! I have been perfecting my craft for the last few years cooking over pellets, open fire, off set, gas, you name it...  When I met Chris from white Bulls BBQ and started using his products I knew we were gonna become best friends and take over the bbq world. Ambitious right? Maybe, but I feel we have the platform and skill to make that a reality!  My ultimate goal when it comes to cooking/smoking is to become a true pit master! 

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Thank you BBQ fam! None of this is possible without you!

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