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What is White Bull's BBQ?

White Bull’s BBQ is a commercial lifestyle barbecue brand founded by Chris Apple. We sell seasonings and rubs that will make your food extremely delicious!

Since May 2020 We have Made Over 70k In sales Of Rubs, Forcing Us to Find a co-Packer to Produce Our Rubs For Much higher demand. Growing From American Dream To BBQ Lifestyle Start Up is Just The Beginning!

With New and Improved Rubs That Pack a Top shelf Flavor Punch, We Provide A Food Experience to be Enjoyed by All, Including The traditional Pitmaster, to Camper-Families to Restaurant Goers Alike. From Taco Seasoning, To A traditional Texas Style Beef Rub We Offer Enough Variety To Make the Whole Consumer Family Happy.

Who is Chris Apple?

Our Founder Chris’ Story Starts In the backyard of A Friends Newly Purchased Home. Where An Old Offset Smoker Was Left from the Old Owner. Knowing Nothing about it, Chris and His Friend Researched And Found Brisket Was Common For low and Slow BBQ. Chris’ Friend invited him Back To Try The Brisket, and It Was Love At First Bite!
Fast Forward 4 Years and Chris Had Begun BBQing Every Weekend Developing Recipes And Rubs. Giving Most Of His Free Time To BBQ, It was the Perfect Way To Keep him Out Of Trouble And Give Him Time to Think About Life. Time To Plot A Plan Of Attack In the Pursuit of Happiness.
One Day Chris Got a Bonus From His Then Job, He Used that Money To Buy A Pair of Space Jam 11 Jordan’s, And Resold then For Triple the Price on Stock X, 6 months Later And Chris Had Made Enough Money To leave His Job And Start White Bulls BBQ.
Starting Off Selling Briskets, Pulled Pork And Ribs Off His Brothers Back Porch, He Quickly Expanded to A Take Out Only Setup Through Door-dash And Uber Eats. After 2 Months of Takeout Only, Chris then Expanded the Operation to The Bull Tavern in Croydon Pa, Selling His BBQ in partnership With the Bar Full Time 6 Days a week.
After only 4 Months of Running White Bulls BBQ as A Real Restaurant, Global Pandemic forced Chris to Shut the Operation Down in April 2020.
With No Place To Serve And A World Of Uncertainty, Chris Bottled the Flavors He Was Using for Seasoning the BBQ And Started Selling them On Our Website. 10 Months Later and This Is the Fastest Growing BBQ Lifestyle Brand On The Market, With All Social Media Platforms Gaining Popularity by The Day, And products Going Stronger then Ever! If You’ve Read This Story You Now Understand What it Means to Be Apart Of The WhiteBullsBBQ Family.
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