Trisket Burnt Ends


1 USDA Prime Tri-Tip

Head Country Apple Habanero


Brown Sugar

White Bulls BBQ Rack City


Cherrywood/Cherry Pellets


Trim Your Tri-Tip to Desired Shape/Size, We Recommend Trimming Until Thin layers Of Membrane are no longer Present. Try to leave a Little “Fat Cap” Season Liberally With White Bulls BBQ Rack City 6 -24 Hours Before Cooking. That Will lock in the Peppery and Garlicy Sweetness! We Strongly suggest Seasoning 12 or more Hours Before Cooking, And Wrapping it in Foil and Placing in the Fridge Overnight for the Perfect Dry Brine to Lock in the Flavors.

Cooking Method:

Place Your Tri-Tip On your Pit/Smoker at 225F. Start Spritzing Once an Hour (Water) and Roll Until 165F Internal Temperature. At 165F Cube Up The Tri Tip Against The grain for your Soon to Be Burnt Ends. Approx. an Inch. Place Pads of Butter, Head Country Apple Habanero , Brown Sugar and a Dash Of Rack City In a Pan With The Cubed Tri Tip and Mix. Place back On The Smoker at 275F. Cook Until The Cubes Temp at 205F

The Rest/Slicing:

Rest Your Burnt Ends at Least 15 Minutes And ENJOY!

Shop Rack City And Follow Along Step By Step With Chris On The Youtube Recipe Video Below: