Smash Burgers


1 Pound Of 80/20 Ground Beef

White Bulls BBQ Thee Rub For Beef

Brioche buns

Cheddar Cheese


Roll Your Ground Beef Into a Small Ball. Make Sure Its about The Size of a Meatball, and Be Sure to Make Sure You do not Over-Compact the Meat, Because During the “Smashing” the Pockets will Help Fry The Meat in its Own Juices and Create the Crispiness on The Patty! – THIS IS KEY.

Cooking Method:

Place Your Pattys on a 400F Griddle, Cast Iron, Or Stainless Steel Pan. Squish Them Down Flat and Evenly. Season Raw Side up With White Bulls BBQ Thee Rub, Wait About 2 Minutes, And Flip The patty Over, Producing a Beautiful Crust. wait 30 seconds and Add Your Cheese On Top Of The Patty. Cooking These Burgers Takes about 5 Minutes a Patty Approximately. While This Is Happening, Toast Your Brioche Buns With a Little Butter, Giving Your Burger a Nice Crisp Between the Bun and Edges of The Patties.

Build Your Ideal Burger And Enjoy, But We suggest Just Meat and Cheese To Truly Experience what a Smashburger is!