Tomahawk Ribeye Steak


1 Tomahawk USDA Prime Suggested

White Bulls BBQ Thee Rub For Beef


Cherrywood/Cherry Pellets


Season Liberally With White Bulls BBQ Thee Rub for Beef 6 -24 Hours Before Cooking. We Strongly suggest Seasoning 12 or more Hours Before Cooking, And Wrapping it in Foil and Placing in the Fridge Overnight for the Perfect Dry Brine to Lock in the Flavors.

Cooking Method:

Place on Smoker at 250F Until Reaching Internal Temperature of 120F. Pull off and rest 10 Minutes. Meanwhile, Heat Up a Cast Iron Pan Or Plate at 400F or Medium-High Heat On The Stove. Sear On Each side Flipping Every 45 Seconds Until reaching 135F Internal.

The Rest/Slicing:

Rest Your Tomahawk 10 Minutes Before Slicing. Your result Should be a Perfect Medium Rare, Tender And Juicy! Enjoy!