Pulled Pork [Smoked Pork Butt]


6-12 Lb Pork Butt/Shoulder

White Bulls BBQ Pulled Hog For Pork Rub


Cherrywood/Cherry Pellets


Take a Sharp Blade and Crosshatch Score The Fat Cap/Skin Thats Present On your Pork Butt Or Shoulder About 1/4th Inch Deep. Season Liberally With White Bulls BBQ Pulled Hog to Desired Thickness. We Suggest you Wrap it in Foil and Place in the Fridge 6-24 Hours Prior to Putting it On Your Smoker To Dry Brine and Lock In The Flavors!

Cooking Method:

Place Your Pork Butt/Shoulder On The Pit/Smoker Fat Cap (Crosshatch) Up at 200F. Spritz Once and Hour With Water, This Ensures Tenderness and Also Helps Build Bark. After 4 Hours at 200F Kick Your Smoker Up To 250F. At 170F Internal Temperature Your Bark Should Be Superb, which Means its Time to Place in a Foil Pan and Cover the Top with a sheet of Foil Tightly. If You’d like to Infuse More flavors Add 2-8oz Of Apple Juice or Whatever You Desire to Steam With The Pork in The Pan. Let Your Smoker Carry Your Now Wrapped Pork Butt/Shoulder To About 205-208F Internal Temperature.


Take Your Foil Pan And Rest it In a Tightly Sealed Cooler Or Hotbox for 2-5 Hours. We Recommend 3 hours as the Sweet Spot! Cautiously and Safely Shred The Pork Without Burning Your Hands. The Bone Should Pull Right Out Cleanly and You Could even Use the bone to Shred The Rest! #ProTip ENJOY!