Perfect Crispy Wings


1 Pack Of Party Wings (Drums and Flats)

White Bulls BBQ Bird Gang For Poultry Rub


Cherrywood/Cherry Pellets


Take Your Wings and Season them Heavily In White Bulls BBQ Bird Gang. Do this At Least an hour before Throwing on the Grill to Ensure the Flavor Locks in With a Dry Brine. You Could do this step in the Fridge overnight For Extra Crispy skin!

Cooking Method:

This Method is More About Texture and Time then it is about Temperature. Place your Wings Skin Down at 325F Indirect For a Half hour. At half Hour Mark, Flip Over And Go another Half hour. At The one Hour Mark, Crank Grill To 350F For 10 Mins To Put Final Crisp On The Outside. This Brings us to an Hour and ten Minutes Total Cooking Time. End Result should Be Crispy on the Outside and Super Tender On The Inside Pulling Off The bones With Ease! Enjoy!

Shop Bird Gang for Poultry and Follow along The Youtube Recipe Video Below: