Brisket Style Pork Belly


1 Slab of Pork Belly

White Bulls BBQ Pulled Hog


Cherrywood/Cherry Pellets


Place Your Slab on a Cutting Board and Analyze for Any Thin Or thick Spots on The Belly. You Want This As Uniform and even in thickness as Possible. Keep In Mind It May not Hurt to remove Some Extra Fat Off the Belly, Considering The Final Result is Super rich. Season Liberally With White Bulls BBQ Pulled Hog 6 -24 Hours Before Cooking. We Strongly suggest Seasoning 12 or more Hours Before Cooking, And Wrapping it in Foil and Placing in the Fridge Overnight for the Perfect Dry Brine to Lock in the Flavors.

Cooking Method:

Place Your Pork Belly On your Pit/Smoker At 225F. For Bark Building. Spritz once and Hour With Water only, to Ensure Tenderness and Build Bark! (Don’t Over Spritz, Moderation Is Key). Once your Pork Belly is at the 2 hour Mark, Bump Your Smoker/Pit up to 250F. This Will Cook The Pork Belly Slightly Faster Then 225F Throughout, Keeping it More Moist while Still Building Healthy Bark, Flavor, and Smoke Ring. Once Your Pork Belly Has Reached 170F Internal Temperature, Wrap It In Foil Twice to Be Sure to Get Past The Stall And Retain All Renderings. Place Wrapped Pork Belly Back On Your Smoker Until Reaching Approximately 205F Internal.

The Rest/Slicing:

Rest Your Pork Belly in An Airtight Cooler/Hotbox For A Minimum of 1-2 Hours And a Maximum of 4 Hours. Slice and ENJOY!

Shop Pulled Hog For Pork And Follow Along With The Youtube Recipe Video Below: