Peyton White

We’re proud to have Peyton is a brand ambassador for one of our seasonings called Taco Uppercut. He is autistic, and he is the founder and owner of Team Awesomism, an autism small business community. As his mom has said, he is a great example of turning Autism into Awesomism!

Recently, We have Been Working on being More Socially Conscious To Use Our Platform to help Do Activism For Autism. Working Closely with Team Awesomism Run By Lynne White aka AwesomismMom And Her Son Peyton, based Out of Houston, Texas.

Having Her Adult Son Peyton As Our Brand Ambassador for Our Flavor Taco Uppercut, It has been a Way to Not Only Showcase Peytons talents As an Autistic Adult in the Kitchen, but Also Push The Conversation Forward about Autism Activism, Awareness and Acceptance Through The Power Of BBQ and Food.

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Rey Morales

My Name Is Rey Morales on Instagram I am BBQKING_15 the .. LETS GET IT.. Guy. I grew up in the kitchen cooking side by side with my mom, she taught me everything I know when it comes to cooking.

My family had a Catering business that I worked for years, After working in the catering business i told myself that it was time to venture off on my own and create a new career for myself. I went to college and got my bachelors degree in computer electronics and engineering and became a Biomedical engineering. I’m now a family man with a wife and 4 handsome boys.

My life of BBQ started when my wife bought me a traeger for Father’s Day, when I first started to grill it was for family and friends and then it ventured off to catering again. Once I stated to post pictures and videos on Instagram it got a little crazy but a good crazy, because I got to chat with a big bbq community that I enjoyed every day. I learned a lot from everyone I meet and made me who I am Today.

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Chris Constanza
My name is Chris Costanza AKA daddyc_bbq on Instagram. PG&E Construction manager by day, Backyard BBQer by night and weekends!! First and foremost my family is the most important thing in the world to me and they’re support for my bbq journey is amazing!!
I’ve had a passion for cooking and bbqing for as long as I can remember.  Growing up in an Italian family was a blessing  when it came time for me to learn flavors and seasoning.  I enjoy all aspects of food from going out and hunting to putting it on the plate and eating it!  Although I like all aspects of cooking, I enjoy nothing more then throwing down on my Traegers!!  My Father in-law, Dave, taught me the art of smoking on a pellet grill! I got my first traeger from my wife and father in law about 6 years ago and I was hooked.  I currently own 5!
I cook for friends and family whenever I can and It puts a smile on my face when
they eat my bbq and tell me how much they enjoy it. I’ve met a ton of amazing people since I started sharing my content, All amazing people that have taught me so much. I will always strive to get better and better, not only at bbqing, but as a husband, father and friend!
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Josh Maynard

Josh Maynard currently reps #WhiteBullsMidwest from Central OH. From a young age, he found himself watching just as much Food Network as he was cartoons, and has always had a passion for cooking food.

At the start of 2020 Pandemic, he purchased his first smoker and started sharing his love of cooking on Instagram. As they say, the rest is history…

You can find him over on Instagram under the handle @j_may_bbq, and should definitely go check out all the awesome dishes he serves his friends and family on the regular!

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Ryan Desousa

Ryan DeSousa’s passion for cooking began early on in the kitchen with his grandma inspired by their love and respect for quality and Portuguese traditions. During the pandemic, he purchased his first Traeger and the love for smoking meats began. The joy and passion of cooking is something he loves to do for his family and friends and enjoys to create new recipes share with others.


Ryan aka @Smokn_Sosa

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Justin Franklin

Justin Franklin aka @Franklin_BBQ hails from the great state of California but has strong family BBQ roots in TX and OK. With family in the BBQ business he’s been on a grill since he could walk, Justin currently works his magic on a Traeger and is the SELF proclaimed Salmon King of Northern California. If he’s not behind the smoker he’s fulfilling his Mr. Mom duties with his best friend and partner in Crime Parker. At some point in the future his goal is to support his family doing what he loves, making great food and making people happy.

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For as long as I can remember, food and culture have been a huge part of my life. I remember my Abuela tirelessly cooking from the minute she woke up until the time she went to bed, every single day!

This was her passion and when she left this earth she definitely left some of that passion here with me. I started barbecuing over a kettle grill as a teenager, using wet wood chips for flavor infusion, my barbecue has come a long way and has been perfected over hundreds of cooks, literally down to a science!

As life would have it, I was growing as an adult and we all know about growing pains, I was no stranger to any of that. Fast forward to About five years ago when I was introduced to the world of Sous Vide precision cooking and it single handedly rekindled my love for the kitchen again. For me, the feeling I get when I see the look on your face as you take that first bite is what drives this passion of mine.

Jay Howick

My name is Jay Howick aka @Boltthrowerbbq on Instagram. I’m proud to be the Canadian ambassador for WhiteBullsBBQ and to be showcasing this amazing lineup of rubs.

I got my passion for food and cooking from my Mom. I’ve always loved grilling on my bbq. With the purchase of my first Traeger in 2016 I really elevated my skills. Getting into smoking various cuts of meats with all the different techniques out there really opened up my eyes to the great bbq community we have.

I love the aspect of always being able to improve, evolve and experiment with different ways to cook, smoke and grill. I’ve been working in the automotive assembly industry for 21 years. After a week of long hours and shift work nothing is better than firing up the Traeger or the grill on the weekend and cracking a few cold ones! Cheers BBQ fam