BBQ Chicken Drumsticks


1 Pack Of Chicken Drumsticks

White Bulls BBQ Rack City Rub


Cherrywood/Cherry Pellets


Very Simple Prep, Just season your Drums With White Bulls BBQ Rack City Liberally. You Can Dry Brine Them in the Fridge 6-24 Hours Ahead Of Cooking to Ensure Locking in the Flavors!

Cooking Method:

Place Your Drums On The Smoker at 325F, For a Half hour, Then Flip Them Over and Let them go another Half Hour. At The 1 Hour Mark, Crank your Pit to 400F For 5 Minutes to Crisp Up.

The Saucing:

Let your Drums Cool Off For 5 Minutes, Meanwhile Place your Favorite BBQ Sauce OR Other type Of sauce In a Big Bowl, Pour Your Drums In and Toss to Coat them Nicely In Sauce. ENJOY!

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